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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 9

Hi Everyone!

Weight 59.7kg/132lbs

MONDAY 2km/10 burpees, 10X running up & down steps, 30 jumping jacks, 10 girl push-ups
FRIDAY Jillian Michaels DVD

I have been feeling good this week, but I could be better. I work at a credit card call centre, which involves a lot of sitting. I just started a few weeks ago, so I'm not used to sitting all day. Humans are not supposed to sit for 8 hours a day. It's uncomfortable and creates aches in your back, neck, legs and head. I really don't like sitting for that long, but I work for a really good bank and I made commitment to stay there for at least 18 months. 

I've decided to start Bikram Yoga 5/6 days a week to stretch and relax my mind and body. Bikram Yoga is 90 minutes of yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees F. The heat is meant to relax your muscles to make them more limber for the positions. Perhaps, this yoga will eliminate my "old lady" aches and pains. 

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  1. I hear ya! I have a job where I can sit down almost the entire day. I have to force myself to stand up at my desk sometimes. I feel silly, but it's half my day just sitting!

  2. How much do you love that Jillian Michaels DVD? Isn't she great??

  3. Twon ~ I stand and walk around outside during my 15mins break as well. I love being outside so I feel a bit trapped here. Hopefully, that'll change in a couple of years!

    TM ~ I love Jillian! She's so passionate about what she does!

  4. Yeh having to sit down all day for a job is really rubbish, you know you can get little under table exercisers though? little cycles and one I found once called webble - looks such fun but pricey!

  5. FLBD ~ Thanks! I did not know they existed! I've got free weights and I can stretch (if I'm not busy). But I need something for my legs - I think a thigh master might be a bit strange - so maybe something else!

  6. Let me know how Bikram goes! I've been researching into a place nearby that has classes for pretty cheap and I'm stoked to start it soon. Well, at least give it one shot.

    Burpees look intense. I think I'm going to add them and tabata squats into my workout :) That and suitcase deadlifts. So many new things! And wall balls.

    Hope your training is going well! KEEP IT UP!

  7. Jess ~Thanks for the comment! I will definitely blog about Bikram! Burpees are really intense. It takes me a while if I do a couple of sets, but it keeps my heart rate up!
    Tabata squats are crazy!! A few sets of those and my legs are dead! I think I might start incorporating those in my routine too:)

  8. I think yoga is good for you a lot. you shouldn't worry about your exercise. I believe you are going to do well. you did well this week and I hope you take a rest well on the weekend. I really Love you so much. Let's have a great weekend with me.

  9. I will start yoga next week! I love you xxx