This is my journey to become a police officer in Toronto

Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!

The Obstacle Course (PREP):
In order to become a police officer in Ontario, you must run an obstacle course in 2mins 42secs.
There are 4 laps. You must run up and down a set of stairs.
On the second and fourth lap, you must jump over a 4 foot fence (I think the one in the picture is a bit higher).     
Then you have to push a 32kg/70lb weight around in a semi-circle 6 times. 
Next, is an Arm Restraint Simulator. You grip handles and pull them together. It needs a force of 14.5kg/32lbs
Then, you pull 32kg/70lb weight around in a semi-circle 6 times. 
Then you do the Arm Restraint Simulator again. 
Finally, you drag a 150lb dummy 15 m/50ft.
You must do all this whilst carrying a 9lb weight around your hips.

Shuttle Run (PREP):
After the obstacle course, you need to run up and down a 20m layout. There is a timed beep. You must reach to the end of the 20m before the beep. If you fail to do this twice,  you are disqualified. The time between the beeps get progressively shorter until you reach level 6.5.

Right now, I think I would be able to do the obstacle course in 4mins (maybe). I tried to drag my younger brother - he weighs 158lbs, but it was hard! It's a lot harder than it looks! 

I can't complete the shuttle run yet. I think I'm going to start doing 50m sprints everyday to increase my anaerobic fitness (short, fast bursts of exercises).

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Self Defence

Hi Everyone!

Women get attacked by men everyday. We need to be able to protect ourselves. Women may not be able to beat men with strength, but there are smart moves that can be learned. Yesterday, I went to a self defence class to learn some techniques. I think every women should take a class. It doesn't have to be expensive. I went to a women's shelter and it cost me $5 for 2 & 1/2 hours. 

Violence against women is inexcusable, but there are some things we can do to protect ourselves:

1. Take a self defence class.
2. Don't walk alone at night, especially isolated areas with no street lights, for example, in forests, parks etc
3. Don't hitchhike.
4. Don't assume that an area is safe.
5. Be confident & alert.
6. Don't go home with strangers, especially if you've been drinking.
7. Lock your car & house doors and windows.
8. Keep a rape alarm with you. 
9. Be aware of your surroundings, (ie) where you are, who's around you, etc
10.Use your feminine instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Walk away.
11.Call the police straight away. Don't wait. 
12. Call out "fire!" instead of "rape" or "help" ~ I've heard people say this is what you should do, but would people REALLY not help if someone's being attacked??
13.Put up a fight! Don't let them take you to a second location.
14.Don't meet up with strangers from the internet.
15.Park in a well-lit and secure area.
16.If there's a van parked alongside your car, get in from the passengers side. (A lot of women are grabbed in parking lots)

Please let me know if there are anymore ways to protect ourselves. 
PS. We spell defence with a 'c' in England & Canada. I'm not a bad speller!!!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 7

Hi Everyone!

Weight 60.7kg
Best 2.4km run 15mins 38sec

MONDAY-SATURDAY  2.4km run/calisthenics (3 sets of 12): lunges, side lunges, squats, girl push ups, crunches, squat thrusts/40mins power walk (with dog)
SUNDAY  Hiking

My running has been getting better, but I think I need to change it up. I really want to join a club, but first I think I should be a little bit fitter & I'm not sure if my job timetable will allow me to (I work shifts). I will figure it out later. 

I did gain a little weight this week because yesterday I ate 3 slices of pizza, fat french fries and ice cream. I relapsed. This morning I felt sick so it's put me off eating like that again. I'm just going to restart again today like it never happened! I won't focus on the scale number. I refuse to. 

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Hi Everyone!

I love golf! It's not just for rich, old men ~ it can be for everyone & anyone. The weather's getting better, so it's  a great time to get started.Golf is seriously fun and makes a great workout.
If you walk 36 holes a week, you could burn 2,500 calories! That's quite significant for a bit of fun! BUT, you must not take the cart! Or, at least take it part of the way and build up to walking the entire course.

If you don't want to walk the course, you can practice at the driving range. Swinging the club really uses your shoulder, arm and back muscles. At practice last week, I kept trying to improve my swing so intently that I had hit 100 balls before I even knew it! It didn't feel like hard work (like working out at the gym) at all :) It's exercise without being "exercise".

List of "exercises":
1. Golf
2. Cleaning the car
3. Cleaning the house
4. Gardening
5. Dancing
6. Wii
7. Sex
8. Bowling
9. DIY
10.Child care

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why the Police?

Why do I want to be a police officer?

When I was 9 years old I felt passionately that I wanted to be a police woman. I used to act as a police officer and "arrest" my younger siblings! I was really excited about my chosen career path.

However, in the early 1990s there was a huge ruckus about Stephen Lawrence. He was a young black teenager, who was murdered in an allegedly racially motivated attack. The suspects were not convicted and the police were deemed "racists". I was a teenager at the time and very impressionable. My community condemned the police and I felt lost and confused. I had always believed in doing the right thing and I thought all people were inherently good. I was naive. My faith in the police force had been shaken.

To make matters worse, around that time, a boy in my school walked up to me in the lunchroom and said: "Why do you want to be a copper anyway. You're a p@ki!" I was so upset. I (mistakenly) realized that I could never be a police officer.

After a while I pushed the police force to the back of my mind. I carried on not really knowing what to do with my life. As an Indian girl I was expected to have an arranged marriage and raise a family BUT I did not want this. I really wanted to travel and see the world.

At 16 my parents said "No!" I could not leave the house. I was disdained, but not discouraged. I held on to the belief that I would go and see what was out there. I bided my time.

Finally, at 24 years old I was allowed to go backpacking through Central and South America. I had worked retail jobs for approximately 2 years to save enough money for 6 months of travel. I loved it. It opened my mind. I did not stay in luxury hotels or take the easy way. It was hard, dirty and real.

After that I went all through Asia. India had a big impact on me. Most people are exceptionally poor. I volunteered a lot in the shanty towns and listened to the "untouchables" stories. Crime is extremely high in the slums. The police do nothing. It was then that I had an epiphany: I could be a police officer! It didn't matter to the public if the police officer is black, white or blue. All people, from all over the world just need help. I can make a difference. I can help my community regardless of my race. I could be a role model for all visible minorities. They can put their trust in the police again.

All my passion had been ignited! From then on, I became driven towards becoming a police officer. I still have to wait at least a few years, but I'm preparing now. I can do it. This is my destiny.

Here is a glimpse of Asia:

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 6

Hi Everyone!

Weight 59.6kg
Best 2.4km run 16mins 0secs

MONDAY-SATURDAY  2.4km run/10 girl push ups, 20 lunges, 10 burpees, 10 squat thrusts, 20 sit ups, 10X Running up & down steps/40mins power walk (with dog)
SUNDAY  Hiking

At the beginning of the week I decided to push myself really hard. Mistake. I ran, went hiking and did some major calisthenics with free weights. The next day my body was in so much pain that I couldn't walk! Not even on a flat surface! I hobbled around for the next 3 days!! I didn't run everyday, so my best run is worse than last week's attempt.

I am getting better at running and losing weight, but I still need to run 2.4km in under 12mins! I'm not even close! I don't go to the gym because I really enjoy the outdoors, but I think I'll need to start lifting weights soon. I want to be strong enough to protect the community, myself and my partner. Perhaps, I can even reach Madonna's level of fitness. She has well-defined arms!

On another note, I decided to start volunteering for St John's Ambulance, as well as a community policing centre. It sounds really fun and I might get to save a life! 

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 5

Hi Everyone!

Weight 60kg/132lbs
Best 2.4km run 15mins 55secs

MONDAY-SATURDAY  2.4km run/10 girl push ups, 20 lunges, 10 jumping jacks, 10 squat thrusts, 20 sit ups, 10X Running up & down steps/40mins power walk (with dog)
SUNDAY  Hiking

I went to foot patrol training at a community policing center a few days ago. We walked around the neighbourhood, checking cars and observing people. We needed to be hyper-vigilant so that if something did happen, we could give the police a good description of the events and people involved. Also, we had to know exactly where we were at all times. 

We wore bright, yellow jackets that look similar to the police jackets. So a lot of people stopped us to ask questions and give information. I really enjoyed talking to people and re-assuring them that the police and volunteers are here to help. 

Volunteering has reinforced my desire to help protect people from danger. Also, it will increase my confidence even more, so that I can be the best police officer I know I am in my heart. 

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 4

Hi Everyone!

Weight 61.6kg/136lbs
Best 2.4km run 16mins 02secs

MONDAY-SATURDAY  2.4km run/10 girl push ups, 20 lunges, 10 burpees, 10 squat thrusts, 20 sit ups, 10X Running up & down steps/40mins power walk (with dog)
SUNDAY  Hiking

I've landed a job!!!!! At last! I'm going to  work at a major bank in the credit card department. It starts in May so I still have lots of time at home, but I don't have to worry so much anymore:)

I'm proud of my fitness consistency. I've been running 6 days a week for a month now! However, fitness and diet go hand in hand. I need to clean up my diet a bit so that I can progress further towards my goals. 

My goals: 
Running 2.4km in 12mins
10 push ups
Completing the shuttle run to level 6.5

Fitness is an integral part of policing. Police Officers need to protect their partners, the community and themselves. This blog is centered around my weight and running times because this is where I need the most improvement. 

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