This is my journey to become a police officer in Toronto

Friday, April 23, 2010

Golf Anyone?

Hi Everyone!

I love golf! It's not just for rich, old men ~ it can be for everyone & anyone. The weather's getting better, so it's  a great time to get started.Golf is seriously fun and makes a great workout.
If you walk 36 holes a week, you could burn 2,500 calories! That's quite significant for a bit of fun! BUT, you must not take the cart! Or, at least take it part of the way and build up to walking the entire course.

If you don't want to walk the course, you can practice at the driving range. Swinging the club really uses your shoulder, arm and back muscles. At practice last week, I kept trying to improve my swing so intently that I had hit 100 balls before I even knew it! It didn't feel like hard work (like working out at the gym) at all :) It's exercise without being "exercise".

List of "exercises":
1. Golf
2. Cleaning the car
3. Cleaning the house
4. Gardening
5. Dancing
6. Wii
7. Sex
8. Bowling
9. DIY
10.Child care

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  1. Good morning, my lover! I want to do golf with you soon^^ I believe you can do well your exercise, too. I really did well yesterday. I will do with you all the time and I will always next to you. I love you very much. Have a great day, my lover!!!

  2. Thanks for your support sweetheart! I can always count on you:) I love you xxx

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    How interesting that you want to be a police officer, something I was always intersted in, but changed my views once I started a family.

    Golf can be fun, I started practicing a little last year, but never fully got into it.

  4. glad my blog inspired you :) thanks for stoppin by

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  6. Good morning, my beautiful wife. I hope many people join your blog. your blog is great. You are going to be a police officer. Don't lose your passions, I won't lose my ardent love for you. Keep doing well and you are going to get your goal. I am sure you can do it^^ Have a great day, too. I really love you so much.

  7. New day!!! I believe you can do well today and have a good for walk and running well, too. Keep trying well. you are going to be a great police officer^^ I love you and have a great day.

  8. Thanks for following! I love your "To Do List" My boyfriend (who's the cop) is from Peru! And of course I hope you get to eat a New York hotdog! They are delicious!

    Look forward to reading more about your adventures to becoming a police officer! Good luck :)