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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 11

Hi Everyone!

Weight 59kg/130lbs


Bikram Yoga is 90 mins of 26 postures in a heated room. On the first day, the exercises started with breathing - this was ok. I felt hot and sweaty, but it was manageable. Then the poses started and within 10 minutes I felt faint and dizzy. I had to lay down. After lying down for a minute I felt better. I got up and started doing the exercises again. 

The heat was intense. It felt like I had sunburn all over my body for 90mins! Halfway through I felt nauseous and my heart was beating so fast that it felt like I was going to have a heart attack! When I got home I had a terrible headache because I do not drink enough water. 

All these feelings I experienced are normal. I felt sick because I eat too much sugar and my heart was beating too fast because I can't control my breathing and I'm out of shape. 

Anyway, I went again the next day (I drank enough water this time). I felt a lot better. It still felt like torture, but it wasn't as bad as the 1st time. When I got home I felt excellent! I had so much energy and I felt alive! Also, I didn't feel like eating dinner or my usual chocolate! I had a fantastic deep sleep and woke up feeling good. The 3rd time was even better! My body feels exercised and stretched. My skin is smooth already and I dropped 1 kg! Also, my digestion is a lot better. 

The trainers really push you to do better. If you lie down, they will tell you to get up and do the pose and they push you to stretch further until your bones feel like they're going to break!
They say that 90 mins of torture will lead to 90 years of a healthy life. 

I think I'm healthy. I haven't been to the doctor in 8 years! - and that was to get my medical done to come to Canada! Before that I can't remember when I visited the doctor! Maybe I should get a check-up?! 

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  1. Geez it seems I'm at a doctor's office once a week :( Good for you though! Not a lot of people can have this much confidence about their health

  2. River ~When I gain weight I do start to feel unhealthy - I'll get headaches, bad digestion, backache & bodily pains and colds. But as soon as I feel this way I know that I have to exercise, start eating vegetables, stop eating cheese and cut back on the sugar. Then I feel back to normal again.

  3. Right there! That's a smart girl!! If only we (us the regular people who need the doctors) knew what we know now years ago... Food especially change so much in my mood, energy, clear-head, etc. =)

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! I hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy your yoga and keep doing your exercise well. I think you are really in good health. I Love you My beautiful wife. See you soon.

  5. River ~Thanks for your comments! I totally agree with you that food changes moods! People are becoming more & more aware of what food is today because of people like Michael Pollan, new documentaries & books.

  6. My husband ~I love you so much! Happy wedding anniversary! You are a wonderful man & I cannot live without you xxx

  7. I really need to check out Bikram! It sounds pretty exciting and really intense. Definitely up my alley.

    I'm glad you haven't been to the doctors but you've at least gotten a physical every year right? I mean...I'm all for not going to see the docs if you don't have to but PAP SMEAR WOMAN! It's important!

  8. Jess ~LOL! I definitely need to get a check-up! I will soon - I promise!