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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 8

Hi Everyone!

Weight 61kg/134lbs
Best 2.4km run 16mins 0secs

MONDAY  2.4km run
SUNDAY  Hiking

I struggled a bit this week. I have been consistently doing 2.4km runs 6 days a week, but this week I am totally burned out. Running is still difficult for me. I feel like my lungs are burning & I can't breathe. I do not have the runner's "high" that people talk about. I do feel better after the run, but I have to force myself out the door everyday.

My running is getting better, but not substantially better. My brother thinks I should push past the pain to run faster. Perhaps, I should be mentally pushing myself more. Last week, I started doing 3 sets of 12 calisthenics. This is too much. It takes me a long time to do 36 burpees (they're really hard!).

I am absolutely motivated to get fit, so I think next week I'm going to do a different workout everyday. I'm not going to focus on the 2.4km run for a while. 

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  1. Don't worry anything and just keep doing what you are doing. I think you are doing great. Sometimes when you feel hard you should take a rest. enjoy doing everything and you will get better and do better. I love you and I hope you have a great day, my wife.

  2. Dropping in from Just plain Jer to answer your question!

    I would just try to find your beat with it. Start with some good music on your iPod, stuff that really gets you going. Once I found some beats that helped me get moving, I came up with a playlist and when I start to drag more often than not a good song comes on that kicks my butt up a notch.

    Secondly, don't push yourself too hard at first. Going fast is fun and all well and good but if you can't keep it up, it's not worth it. Back off of your pace a little bit and push for mileage instead. Find a nice running route, a trail, someplace quiet.

    Use running as your mediation. Take your mind elsewhere. Listen to your breathing (belly breathe though, don't chest breathe. If you use belly breathing, it's easier to control your breath) and feel your feet hitting the ground. Feel your heart pumping. Think about where you're going- not the finish line, not the end of the run, but in your life. Think about where you're going. Picture your destination. Clear your head.

    You'll get there, I know you will. ♥

  3. Thanks so much! I've been running consistently, but it hasn't been easy at all! I will definitely take your advice!

  4. Keep up the good effort and you will improve--everyone is a little different.

    I am a slow starter so I have to really push myself at the beginning of a run knowing that I'll be ok in the middle and at the end.

  5. Yeah, I don't "love" exercise the way some people do either. But you seem so motivated, and that energy will surely get you where you want to go!!

  6. Slamdunk: Thanks! I'll keep trying:) I've got to reach 2.4km in 12mins at some point!
    Twon: Thanks for commenting! I think I lost some energy from doing too much the week before ~ but after this week's rest I feel much better:)

  7. You need to feel ready to push that limit! But I understand that you want this bad and you'll be ready and you'll push. Good luck with all the training.

  8. You did good your job today and Let's go for run when you come back home. I miss you all day. I hope you had a great day at work and see you at home. I always appreciate with you and I love you so so so much.
    Jay miss you so much, too.^^

  9. River: Thanks for your comment! Your advice is absolutely right I should wait until I'm ready:)
    John: I missed you too! Love you xxx

  10. I hope you had a great day at work and your exercise, too. I miss you I hope you come to home as soon as possible. See you soon with jay. I love you my beautiful wife^^