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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running Attire

Hi Everyone!

Everybody wears different kinds of running attire. Some wear old clothes, others brand new ones. Some are more comfortable others are not. What should you wear, whilst exercising? 
Here are the pros and cons of different people's ensembles:

Scenario #1 Running in an old T-shirt, with stains, old pants with holes and running shoes just about to fall off your feet.
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PROS  It's cheap ~ you don't need to spend any extra money to exercise, and why should you?
CONS  It doesn't look so good and you probably don't feel good in them. 

Scenario #2  Running in only brand name clothes.

PROS  You look rich (maybe).
CONS  It's expensive and if you wear "matchy matchy" brand name clothes, it does NOT look good - or expensive. 

Scenario #3  Running in super hero attire
PROS  Hmmmmm.... it's light weight. 
CONS  You need a super hero figure to wear them. 

Scenario #4 Running with too many accessories.

PROS  You'll know everything about your run ~ km, time, steps, heart rate, location, incline, calories etc
CONS  You will, most likely, drop something & break it. 

I wear a little bit of everything. My pants are hobo, shoes are brand name, undergarments are super hero (to prevent jiggling) and I carry some accessories. 

What do you wear?

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  1. Pants, tank top underneath a t-shirt, bra, socks and shoes. Everything else can get lost. Well, except my iPhone. Gotta have the tunes.

    I'd like to have a garmin one day but alas, I'm a single mom. I'm not paying for that. ;)

  2. Jer~ LOL! Those garmins are pricey!

  3. I exercise naked!!

    I, of course, exercise in my house only and live alone lol but i get sweaty and i dont use any equipment except weights, so I exercise and immediately jump in the shower. it's a nice routine.

  4. It's a good tip. I think you are right^^ I wear anything when I run. I should think of these things. Thank for a good information.
    I hope you had a great day at work and see you soon. I really miss you so much and I Love you so much.

  5. Twon ~ Haha! Are you serious??!! No you must be joking? ~ I can't decide!!!! I would feel so exposed, even in my own home!

    John ~ your English! Thanks for commenting on all my posts ~ I really appreciate the support! Love you so much xxx

  6. I did really well in this week days. Take a rest well on the weekend and I believe you can do well next week. I always support next to you. I love you and have a great weekend my beautiful wife.