This is my journey to become a police officer in Toronto

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 18

Hi Everyone!

Weight 60.8kg /134lbs


This week has been pretty good. I really enjoy beating my husband at tennis! 
I've been watching a new TV show called Rookie Blue. I seriously love it because it's about new police officers in Toronto! I know that police TV shows are not realistic, but it's enjoyable to watch new police officers make mistakes and learn from them. 

In one show, one of the trainers ask a rookie exactly where they are whilst driving down the street. This is a game me and husband have started playing. He suddenly asks me where I am and I have to quickly answer which street and block # we're on and which direction (north, south, east or west). It's harder than it seems because you have to be alert all the time! 

What are your favorite TV shows? How does it relate to you?

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  1. Yea tennis. Crushing your husband at the game must be loads of fun. I have defeated my wife before, but she is the much better player.

  2. Slamdunk -haha! I do enjoy beating him because it's the only sport I can win!

  3. I really like to play tennis with you. you are really good and you are going to play better and better. I will start to watch rookie blue, too. I will catch up with you other episodes. I really love you and Let's do well exercise together. Have a great day at work my beautiful wife.

  4. I am getting better playing tennis and we are exercising well together. You are really doing well and I hope you never stop. I will next to you all the times and I always will support you. I really Love you and have a great day at work. Keep doing for your goal. See you my perfect wife.