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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 17

Hi Everyone!

Weight 61kg/134lbs


This week, I've been reflecting on my weight loss journey. I went from 63kg down to 59kg and back up to 61kg. This inconsistent weight loss mirrors my inconsistent eating habits. I'm usually very disciplined during the work week, but on my days off it all falls apart! Me and my husband go out walking and we'll have an ice cream and eat at the restaurant or I'll cook something fattening, but delicious. I think I can break that habit as soon as I complete a full week of eating well. I've been reading the "Eat Clean Diet" because I think we eat too much processed food on the weekends. It's not healthy at all! Now I can substitute a high fat food for something natural and fresh and still be satisfied.                                                                                                                                                                

What's your favourite food? Do you consistently eat healthily? 
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  1. I think you are having good foods. I know many people can't resist chocolate but you can eat less and you should find better desserts than chocolate. Keep eating good food for you and keep doing exercise well, you will be a really healthy person. You did really well work, exercise, eating. I will help when you need. No pain, No gain. I believe you are going to do well. I love you so much my beautiful wife.