This is my journey to become a police officer in Toronto

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Day

Hi Everyone!

A large part of my preparation to become a police officer is going to center around fitness. I'm strong in endurance because I regularly hike, but I can't run. I'm awful. I've never been able to run. At school I was always last. I'm not fast at all................ Well, I plan to change by running 2.4km everyday, a shuttle run and some calisthenics. If I can do it, you can too. 

Weight 63 kg/138.9 lbs
Best 2.4 km run 17mins 05secs

I read on the internet that an average person can run 2.4km in around 12mins, a fit person in 7/8 mins and an unfit person in over 15 mins. Hmmmmm, I'm well over 15mins! I need some serious work!

While I was running my legs felt like dead weights and my chest felt like it was on fire. I really wanted to give up, but I just focused on the run.

My wonderful husband comes running with me for support. He used to be a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force police, so he knows his stuff! He pushed me to do 10 girl push ups, 20 side lunges, 10 flights of stairs, 10 lunges and 10 jumps. I could only do 4 laps of the shuttle run. 
That's all I could do today.

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