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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 13

Hi Everyone!

Weight 59kg/130lbs


Bikram Yoga has been going quite well. I've been feeling really tired, but I still make it to class 6 days a week. At yoga I push myself to do better and stick it out for 90 mins before taking a shower and falling asleep on the couch!

I know that many people make the excuse that they're too tired to exercise. I think people make this excuse because they don't enjoy the particular exercise they have chosen (usually the gym). But they're many different kinds of exercise to choose from, for example, tennis, badminton, hiking, canoeing, rugby etc. My advice is: don't go to the gym because you feel like you have to, find an exercise that you enjoy! This way you'll stick it out and feel energized!

What sports do you enjoy the most? Do you just go to the gym for the sake of it? Do you enjoy your exercise?

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  1. I usually love walking (may be one day running too) but other than that may be a few dance classes or videos... but the rest no I do not enjoy!!! I've never been an active kid. Didn't enjoy sports or anything. May be a little swimming. But I can't really afford a swimming pool kinda membership so... walking rocks my socks off =)

  2. River -Walking is great. I love it & my dog loves it too:)

  3. I love swimming, I reckon I could swim maybe 6 days a week but it doesn't seem to be high enough impact for me to lose as much weight so I do the eliptical too which seems to be really good. I don't enjoy it all though! Maybe ten minutes out of the 30!

  4. Good advice. If you find an exercise that is fun, you are more likely to stick with it. I enjoy all types of sports, but when alone, trail running has been fun for me. Having small children though, my time for exercise is limited.

  5. FLBD -I always thought swimming was the best exercise you could get! I think you have to swim fast non-stop for at least 30mins to get your heart rate up:)

    Slamdunk -trail running is great! Lots of people do that here in Vancouver when the weather's good (not often!).